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Engaged leadership is arguably the most important element of success when it comes to creating a culture of Continuous Improvement (CI). Organizations whose leaders invest in employee engagement, enabling systems, and consistently implement a simple yet disciplined improvement methodology, succeed in continuous improvement. And like all leaderships skills those needed for successful CI efforts must be developed.

Leading Continuous Improvement

There are eight skills a leader must practice while promoting a culture of continuous improvement in any organization:

  1. Leading by example; participate in continuous improvement openly and with passion.

  2. Talking about the importance of continuous improvement with employees, at every opportunity.

  3. Continually asking for improvement ideas.

  4. Creating systems to vet and respond to employee ideas quickly.

  5. Empowering employees to make daily continuous improvement a part of their own work.

  6. Emphasizing the importance of small, incremental improvements — not every improvement has to be an event or a project.

  7. Sharing best practices across the organization.

  8. Documenting and celebrating the results achieved through continuous improvement.

Organizations succeeding in cultivating a culture of continuous improvement do so by keeping their methodology simple and requiring consistent leadership. Methodology simple enough so that everyone can participate and be engaged. Employees should know enough about the chosen method to find opportunities for improvement and practice the methodology. Leaders are there to help, not direct or get in the way.

Our experience tells us leaders of CI efforts not only must be technically savvy about the chosen CI framework, they must understand how people react to change and how best to coach them through it. CI tools are relatively easy; it is on the people side of the CI efforts where things typically fall apart.

Key Performance Consulting offers a two-day workshop designed to shed light on the challenges leaders of a CI effort can expect along with the people-skills needed to address them. Here’s an overview of the workshop:


Day One 

  • How systems drive behaviors.

  • Creating an enabling environment to encourage continuous improvement and problem solving by employees

  • Facilitating continuous improvement by employees by being a performance improvement leader

  • Problem solving essential for creating and sustaining a continuous improvement culture

  • Engaging employees by deploying meaningful problem-solving responsibility and accountability


Day Two 

  • Respecting every individual

  • Talking and working with employees in ways that create a continuous improvement mind-set.

  • The difference between coaching for correction and coaching for development of problem-solving capability

  • How to coach by asking and listening rather than telling

  • Improvement Team Coaching


KPC consultants have extensive experience in implementing and leading CI efforts. We can help your leaders develop the skills needed for successful CI program implementation or to get your existing program back on track. Reach out to us.