Leadership Assessment

Leaders define an organization.  They develop the mission, create and implement strategy, push the limits of innovation, and motivate employees to higher performance levels.  Sadly, many organizations are unsure of who their best leaders are or where their next leaders will come from, either internally or externally.  Leadership Assessment is an effective tool for identifying potential leaders and opportunities to improve current leadership capabilities.

What is Leadership Assessment?

Leadership Assessment is the process of identifying and describing an individual’s unique characteristics as they pertain to leading, managing, and directing others and how the characteristics fit into a given position’s requirements.  Just as no two leaders are alike, no two positions have exactly the same requirements.  Key Performance Consulting's assessment process describes a candidate’s style of leading others within the context of a specific position, present, or future.  This information helps the leader develop the appropriate leadership skills and the employer in the selection, placement, and development decisions.  Our goal is to help your organization maximize its leadership capability: identifying the right leaders and placing them in positions where they’ll succeed and drive business.

Assessment + Coaching = Results

Assessment is much more effective in building leadership capability when coupled with coaching from a knowledgeable and experienced coach. Based on assessments and development feedback, KPC can provide tailored coaching to leaders and leadership teams.  Through a thorough analysis of separate and combined assessments, we can collaboratively create a development plan for the leader or leadership team to improve their effectiveness within your organization.  Development recommendations are specific, step-by-step actionable activities that, through regular practice, will improve leadership capability.​

KPC offers the following assessment and coaching services for individual leaders and leadership teams:

Leadership Style Assessment

  • DISC and MBTI based assessments

Emotional Intelligence​

Behavior Hierarchy

Motivational Driving Forces

Leadership Skill Competency

Team Alignment

Acumen Capacity

Conflict Management

360° Assessment

KPC offers certification training for most of the assessments we offer. Contact us for details.