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The effectiveness of any organization depends on every employee taking responsibility for constant improvements to products, services, and processes. Improvements can reduce waste, add value or safety, or resolve issues that slow down a process and make it easier to meet the needs of your customers.
Continuous Improvement is the ongoing improvement of products, services and processes through both incremental and breakthrough efforts. It's a set of activities designed to enable ongoing improvement through constant measurement, monitoring, diagnosis and action.
More than a set of tools, a continuous improvement mindset means always looking for opportunities for improvement and acting on those opportunities—always looking for ways to improve, even when things are going well.
We offer training and consulting on a full range of problem solving methodologies — most in half-day and full-day experiential sessions. We can also customize the offerings to meet your organization's needs. Here are some of our most popular topics:

Lean Six Sigma

Training and Program Implementation.

  • Greenbelt

  • Black Belt

  • Master Black Belt

Toyota Kata

Training and Program Implementation.

  • Improvement Kata

  • Coaching Kata

  • Program Development

Problem Solving Training

Methodology Training.

  • PDCA


  • 3-Legged 5 -Why Analysis

  • 8D

  • A3 Problem Solving

  • Fishbone Diagrams

  • Graphical Data Analysis

  • Process Analysis

  • Process Mapping

  • Process Waste Analysis

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Statistical Process Control

Don't see something?

We've been practicing CI for over 30 years. Contact us if you have a special request.

Training Within Industry

Training and Program Implementation.

  • Job Relations

  • Job Instruction

  • Job Methods

  • Job Safety

  • Program Development

Leading Continuous Improvement

Training and Coaching on how to lead CI efforts and events.

  • Kaizen

  • Rapid Improvement Events

  • Team Facilitation