Our Mission is to help organizations find and optimize the synergies between great leadership and enterprise excellence. We help make organizations better places to work and thus make the world a better place.

Our Vision is to be the go-to consulting firm for small to medium-sized organizations looking for sustainable leadership development solutions that are right for them.

Our Values:


Commitment to the client

Persistent and open communication

Ongoing personal and professional Development

Right-sized sustainable solutions

Our Collaborative Approach to Building Excellence

At Key Performance, we believe our team is the best in the world. Our consulting team offers your organization an experienced, professional group with real-world experience in helping organizations build excellence through leadership development and continuous improvement. We gladly work with organizations across all industries anywhere in the world. We are confident in our ability to help, and our clients agree with us. Among all the reasons our clients find to work with us, these four stand out:


1.  We strive for a true partnership with our clients: the consultant and the client act as equals. The client provides the knowledge of the organization's nature, business, and issues; we provide the knowledge of the techniques, ways of thinking, and practices that apply to the challenge. This partnership model helps guard against false solutions that may be trendy but not applicable to your organization.

2.  Proper care of mutual responsibility.  The client owns the problem and determines the solution. We help you see the issues and find what needs to be done. By not imposing a "canned" point of view, we ensure that a real solution is obtained and not an attractive but impermanent fix.

3.  Increased capacity for lessons learned.  We are not "masked rider" consultants who provide silver bullets and, having done so, ride off into the sunset. We find that the ammunition doesn't last too often, and another rider must be called in again. By providing learning-based help, we ensure the increased capability of the client to sustain the intervention.

4.  Better fit with current organizational needs.  In our approach, the concept of a learning organization is second nature. The sharing of problem diagnosis and resolution leads to a shared vision. We certainly have a toolkit of best practice methods and loads of experience, but we always ensure that the tools we employ best fit the organization's needs and interests. 

Tom Moore, PhD

Founder, Principal Consultant

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