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Our One Team™ is based on the premise that for team and resource alignment to occur top leadership must be committed to the collaborative process. If an organization’s top leadership is misaligned or worse dysfunctional then the whole organization suffers. We see this as ineffective change initiatives, failed projects, missed revenue goals, and a disengaged workforce.

The One Team™ approach is not a training event. It is a process of creating alignment of the top leadership team and then:

  • Cascading performance objectives from the top down, making how every member of the organization contributes to the strategic objectives of the organization clear and visible (vertical integration).
  • Overcoming the blame culture and applying the same objectives to everyone within the collaborative organization (horizontal integration).
  • Making collaboration an objective for every individual.
  • Providing individuals and teams space to grow.

We believe organizations are stronger when each member understands how their work contributes to the company’s future. So, we work with leaders to align strategy and vision, and to help translate those tenets to the everyday activities of employees.Achieving the One Team™ mindset delivers two significant benefits. First, it instills delivery confidence. Participants know that they have a single sense of truth, a single goal, and everyone is working towards it in a consistent manner. Information is shared more freely, and nobody must second guess the politics of how the information was created or where it came from.
Second, collaboration is a path to higher productivity, People work more effectively together, problems are quickly made apparent and solutions are sustainable. 

One Team™ approach to organizational alignment

Sometimes organizations don’t run as smoothly as we’d like. An organization that isn't working up to its potential is in danger of under-performing or worse, failing. When we’re asked to evaluate operations in these organizations, be it a large corporation or a small business, we often find this is an indication of a misalignment between the organization’s mission, its leaders, and its resources. Rarely does the problem require a complete overhaul of the organization’s culture and structure as some organizational development consultants will suggest.

We at KPC believe most organizations have everything they need to be successful and all that’s needed is the alignment of their leaders into a One Team™ mindset.