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Because Microtraining keeps the training sessions short and increases the frequency of learning more of the learning is retained and sustained. 

Microtraining is more than a buzz word for us. Our clients are genuinely happy to have a training option that does not “lock-up” valuable resources for extended periods. And our approach appeals to learners, as it consumes less time and does not put them behind in their work. We find our approach works particularly well with such training needs as:

  1. Soft skills/behavioral change
  2. Leadership skills development
  3. Process improvement
  4. Safety
  5. Establishing new workflows

You may be familiar with the exponential nature of forgetting. Per Hermann Ebbinghaus, we begin forgetting what we learn almost immediately. As you see from this diagram featuring the “Forgetting Curve”, we forget 80% of what we learned in 30 days!

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Training is always problematic for organizations operating in today’s dynamic environment. The need for training and employee development is clear for most organizations, but taking employees out-of-slot for days and sometimes weeks can be a killer to productivity.  Key Performance Consulting’s recognizes this and so we created a Microtraining method aimed at supporting a learning processe in time-strapped organizations. It is a way of delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts.

Learning in this sense means there is an active process of knowledge creation taking place within both the formal learning environment (classroom) and informal learning environments (the workplace). We actively facilitate this process via well-designed and structured systems and by supporting ways of communication and collaboration outside the classroom. Our Microtraining arrangement consists of a series of 2 to 3-hour formal learning sessions designed to meet a specific learning outcome, combined with informal learning (homework) designed to activate and maintain learning processes for a longer period.

Our Microtraining method can be applied to most of our learning solutions, particularly when knowledge needs to be deployed for immediate use in daily practice. In comparison to formal learning, our Microtraining significantly focuses on experiential and informal learning activities.We believe formal learning is still important and is a proven approach for people with less knowledge and skills. However, it can be counter-productive for more experienced employees for whom informal blended learning approaches like Microtraining appear to be working very well.

  • Short lessons
  • Focused content
  • Repeated reviews
  • Experiential and Informal Learning